CCMH's Annual Poster Contest

     CCMH sponsors a poster contest each year to engage students in a discussion about mental health issues. The Coalition recognizes that mental illness affects all of us in one way or another. With 1 in 5 children experiencing a mental health disorder, we all know someone experiencing difficulties, such as anxiety or depression. It is important to hear these stories and not let the devastating effects of mental illness stay quiet. By sharing these stories we help each other cope and form a connection.

     Art, Science & Health Teachers, Guidance Counselors and Occupational Therapists are encouraged to use this contest as part of their curriculum. All students are urged to submit a poster. The winning posters will be used by CCMH throughout the year in various avenues to promote our mission.

CCMH Poster Contest 2020


  • Grades K-5: Behind the Smile: “The story of how I get my smile back.”
    • We have many emotions like being sad, angry, frustrated and more, and to be able to get our smile back, we have to use coping tools to get through the tougher emotions. What do you do, what is the story of the tools you use, that help you get your smile back?
  • Grades 6-12: Behind the Smile: “The secret story that the smile is disguising.”
    • Often we are told to fake it till we make it, or put on a brave face, so to disguise how we feel, we do, we put that smile on like there is nothing going on and we feel happy. The truth is, we are human, we have so many emotions and they don’t all create a smile on our face. It’s okay to feel the other emotions, but yet, we still sometimes disguise it with that smile.
      • What secret stories (e.g. emotions, events, things) do you feel that you, someone you know, or just in general, think may be the real truth, that is hidden behind the disguise of a smile?

To see the full information, please click this link to view the PDF for entries!

CCMH Poster Contest 2019


  • Grades K-5: “How Are You? - The many emotions of me!”
    • We all have many emotions; what are the different emotions do you feel?
  • Grades 6-12: “How Are You? – What I Really Meant to Say...”
    • So often it’s a question, that doesn’t wait for an answer, and so often when answered, it isn’t the truth. We don’t always feel “good” or “well”; what do you sometimes wish you could respond to “How are you?” with?

CCMH Poster Contest 2018


  • K-5: Making the world a better place, I can do that!
    • Encouraging children to think of positive ways they can help, inspire and encourage others around them (e.g. peers, siblings, community). 
  • 6-12: Labels and Stigmas: How They Affect Me.
    • Acknowledging the impact of labels and the stigma that comes with them; creating awareness of the affects that labels and stigmas can have on one’s mental health.
      • According to the World Health Organization (2014), “Mental health: a state of well-being: Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community” (para. 1).¹
        • ¹World Health Organization (WHO). (2014, August). Mental health: a state of well-being. Retrieved from

CCMH Poster Contest 2017


  • Middle & High School Students Theme: “The Six Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Occupational, and Emotional” While this is open for interpretation, it is suggested that students explore each “dimension” and how it pertains to overall mental health, and portray a single dimension or how they all work harmoniously to create balance.
  • Kindergarten – 5​ th​ Grade Students Theme: “Zones of Regulation” Students may represent one or multiple zones in their poster, or tools and methods that they use to regulate their zones. Again, it is up to the student’s interpretation of the theme.

CCMH Poster Contest 2016


  • Middle & High School Students Theme: “Celebrate and Embrace Differences: Understanding and Compassion Breeds Unity”
  • Kindergarten – 5th Grade Students Theme: “All Feelings Matter”

CCMH Poster Contest 2015


  • Middle & High School Students Theme:  “What Is Normal Anyway? Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness.”
  • Kindergarten – 5th Grade Students Theme:  “The Leader in Me” – choose any one principle

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