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Helpful APPs

This is an ongoing list of APPs one can utilize; CCMH does not endorse nor receive any financial kickback for any of these applications but merely is presenting a list of applications that may be beneficial to some for personal use.

AppsGoneFree: Every day it has apps that are free for that day and they have a lot of fine motor apps, educational and relaxation apps that frequently appear.
-Visual Timers:
     -Time Timer*
-Visual Schedules:
     -Visual Schedule Planner *
     -FTVS HD - First Then Visual Schedule
     -First & Then *
    -Pocket Pond 2
    -Fingerpaint Magic II
    -Sago Mini Doodlecast
    -Polyphonic - Make Music
    -Cause and Effect Sensory Sound Box
     -Relax Melodies: Sleep zen sounds & white noise*
     -Music Healing
     -100 Binaural Beats and Tones!
     -Breathing Bubbles*
     -Smiling Mind
     -Breath, Think, Do with Sesame Street*
     -Settle Your Glitter
     -Calm: Meditate & relax with guided mindfulness meditation
     -Calm Counter Social Story & Anger Management Tool
     -Stop, Breathe & Think*
     -Breathe Deep
     -Mindfulness for Children
     -Sound of Bornholm
     -Mindfulness for Kids*
     -Moody Me - Mood Diary and Tracker
     -Better Mood Tracker*
     -Magic Mood - My Personal Mood Diary*
     -Autism Emotion
-Icons/Speech Apps:
     -ICOON global picture dictionary
     -Sono Flex Lite

-Fine Motor/Educational:
     -Preschool EduKidsRoom
     -Toca Hair Salon 2
     -Toca Tea Party
     -Toca Birthday Party
     -Ice Cream!
     -Tiny Playroom - Toddler and Kids Toy
     -Sharing with Duckie Deck - 6 in 1 Educational Games
-Video Modeling:
     -Splice - Video Editor
     -Model Me Going Places 2