About Coalition for Children's Mental Health: Background, Mission, Furthering of Mental Health Resources and Board of Directors

-Our mission is  to, educate, advocate and support through furthering education on mental health disorders, advocating for children's mental health and mental wellness and supportive mental health resources (e.g. information, mental health counselors, etc. ).


Ashley Anderson

CCMH Board of Directors:

Community Events Liaison

Tetyana Davis


Contact CCMH: hudsonccmh@gmail.com


Sarah Tirpak



Ethan Benore


Coalition for Children's Mental Health (CCMH) started back in 2006 when a group of people within the community came together and recognized the need for more education, advocacy and support within our community in regards to mental health and mental wellness.

Evamere School Liason

Joan Sauer


Community Relations Liaison

Patti Engelman